About Us

ShoeGrab is a unique boutique sneaker store 100% Australian owned and operated since 2013. Prior to the launch of this site, (Nov, 2018) ShoeGrab was and still is a revolutionary business model, operating through social media and direct customer to business service. 


Rewind to 2013, a craze hit Sydney and spread through social media, with ShoeGrab’s loyal followers quickly spreading the word to family and friends about our great new service, delivering to residents in Sydney Metro with our own company delivery consultants. 



Through provision of direct, customer to sales consultant service, we here at ShoeGrab have developed customer relationships that remain unparalleled. Our focus maintains however, to provide and source sneakers for our customers that are unique, exclusive and affordable. Our range of products are carefully selected and filtered to ensure that our customers are provided with the most wearable, treasured and revered.